Anthony, Anton Principal
Fields, Pam Assistant Principal
Perry, Rodney Media Specialist
Hollis, Kristin Counselor

Aldridge, Kenyatta 8th Grade Math/Team Leader
Aldridge, Kristina 7th Grade Math
Arnold, Nitashi 7th Grade Social Studies
Asberry-Ivory, Latonya Math Support
Beasley, Henry 8th Grade Social Studies
Bottu, Helen 8th Grade Science
Burnette, Douglas 8th Grade Social Studies
Butts, Shernone Paraprofessional
Cheek, Crystal Family and Consumer Science / Connections Team Leader
Cole, Gerald 8th Grade Science
Coley, Nealia Chorus
Eaddy, Roy BAND
Ellis, Oscar 8th Grade Social Studies
Evans, Aisha 8th Grade ELA/Team Leader
Fendley, Laura 8th Grade Science
Fields, Pam Assistant Principal
Fulton, Chandra P.E./Health
Genwright, Johnny 7th Grade Math
Hauesler, Alicia Special Programs
Hollis, Kristin Counselor
Jackson, Yeketha P.E./Health
Kuhne, Rachel 7th Grade Science
Mackey, Ozella 7th Grade Math/Team Leader
Moring, Kathy 8th Grade Social Studies
Moses, Tina 7th Grade Social Studies
Palmer, Brenda 7th Grade ELA
Perry, Niashsache 8th Grade Math
Perry, Rodney Media Specialist
Register, Amanda 7th Grade ELA
Satharla, Lenora 7th Grade Science/Team Leader
Shelton, Rodney Business Computer App
Singley, Heather 7th - 8th Grade Special Programs
Smith, Beth 7th Grade ELA
Stephens, Sabrina Math and Science Academic Coach
Taylor, Corliss Special Education
Taylor, John Special Education
Taylor, Wyndy Special Education
Trice, Valarie 8th Grade ELA
Washington, Brandon 7th Grade Social Studies
Waymon, Shirley 7th & 8th Grades ELA/Social Studies Academic Coach
Wiggins, Inez 7th Grade Science/Team Leader
Williams, Marilyn 8th Grade ELA
Williams, Samantha Special Education
Williams, Shirley 8th Grade Math/Team Leader

Allen, Barbara Paraprofessional
Berryhill, Glenda Paraprofessional
Bruce, Warren Paraprofessional
Butts, Shernone Paraprofessional
Compton, Naomi Attendance/Data Clerk
Hubbard, Stacy Paraprofessional
Jackson, Delores Paraprofessional
Johnson, Ann Resource Officer
Middleton, Tammy Bookkeeper
Nunn, Keyanna Paraprofessional
Pless, Tiffany Administrative Assistant
Thomas, Mary Paraprofessional
Waymon, Shirley 7th & 8th Grades ELA/Social Studies Academic Coach