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Annual Title I Meeting
Annual Title I Meeting

Tue Aug 29 12:13 PM

Math Fluency
Sumter County Middle School Students Pursue Math Fact Fluency

Attaining math fact fluency requires a lot of practice, but it doesn’t have to be boring! Sumter County Middle School students Williams Dominguez-Serrano and Yamodiam Jean-Baptiste in Ms. Chacarri Gray's Connections class are practicing fact fluency using Reflex. Reflex is an adaptive online system that helps students become fluent with their math facts. In Reflex, practice occurs in fluency development games. These games are a lot of fun –and they’re designed to give students serious amounts of practice with answering facts. Students are also motivated to practice because the games are engaging and challenging.

Mon Jan 30 01:30 PM

Create Your Country
Sumter County Middle School Students Create Their Own Country

Williams Dominguez Serrano and his team in Ms. Tiffany Baldwins's Social Studies class at Sumter County Middle School are building their own country. Williams is showcasing his countries' flag. This "Create Your Own Country" project has several different parts mimicking 7th Grade World Studies curriculum. In World Studies, 7th graders examine the importance of geography, culture, religion, government, economics, and history which impacts and affects civilization's past and future. By developing their own country, the students utilize what they have learned throughout the year, such as how to grow an economy or best ways to govern in order to build a better world.

Mon Jan 30 01:29 PM

Virtual Trips
Sumter County Middle School Students Take Virtual Trip to Spain

The small group students in Ms. Monica Paramore's class took a virtual trip, a first of many, to Spain incorporating ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies activities. Students created crafts such as a football player which displays the popular sport of soccer. Students also are currently working on a book to be published later this year to share their virtual trip experiences. For differentiated instruction, some of Ms. Paramore's students played the flamenco matching game. Each student was provided a passport and given their stamp upon completion of their journey to Spain. To wrap up the journey, students held a small tasting of Spain featuring many Spanish-inspired dishes and drinks made by Ms. Paramore and her Para Educators. Next, Ms. Paramore's students will be taking a virtual trip to Jamaica.

Mon Jan 30 01:08 PM

Poole's Birthday
SCMS Celebrates Principal Poole's Birthday

Counselor Daphane Williams, Assistant Principal Dr. Sabrina Stephens, Counselor Raquel Ewings, Principal Calvin Poole, and Engineer Emory Graham deliver cupcakes and juice to the entire school on Mr. Poolr's birthday!

Mon Jan 30 12:43 PM

100th Day of School
SCMS Celebrates the 100th Day of School

Happy 100th Day of School! We are dressing like we are 100 years old! Pictured: Cam'Ron Powell & Camora Jackson

Mon Jan 30 12:36 PM