Sumter Middle Agriculture Marketing Class Promotes Value of Artisan Creations


Marketing is the key to success, particularly when you have a handmade product like Sumter Middle’s FFA Soap Project, or our own branded “Local Grown Honey”.  The handmade movement has allowed artisans from all over the world to make their creations easily accessible to consumers. Sumter Middle’s Agriculture Class markets our fundraising products through community partnerships and friends of the program, also opportunities like Lenny’s Farmers Market, where we have made many new friends and provided community education about pollinator protection.  Recently, our program has been included in exhibits with a promising new business in town that features local artisan creations, and that is Ralwins’ Artisan Designs located on Forsyth Street.  Ms. Yorka Rawlins, gallery owner, has extended a warm welcome to Sumter Middle FFA students, and others who promote their own craft, including students from around the world.  Thank you Sumter Board of Education CTAE and all our community partners!